Because our balloon comfortably holds the pilot and two passengers, all of our flights are private charters - we won’t have others aboard other than your pilot. This is perfect to commemorate a special event, such as engagements, birthdays and anniversaries.

Price: Private charter for two is $595. We may have over balloons join us if you have more people who would like to fly at the same time.

Prices for tethering at private parties, grand openings or other promotions are available by quote.

Tipping: While not required, some passengers have wanted to thank us with a gratuity. If you feel the urge to do so, all tips are shared among our volunteer crew members who help us get off the ground, land and get us back to where we took off.

Ballooning is a fair-weather sport. Our flights will be canceled if it is raining, if thunderstorms are near or if surface winds are greater than 8 mph.

The best time to fly is when the air is calm and stable. Typically, that's either at dawn, or a couple hours before sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon.

After deciding whether you'd like a morning or afternoon flight, call to schedule the time you'd like to try to fly, and we'll select a date and location.

Most of our flights are on the weekend. While it is possible to fly year-round, the ballooning season in Western New York is about mid-May through mid-October.

After deciding whether you'd like a morning or afternoon flight, call or email us and we'll select a mutually-agreeable date and location. Sometimes we have openings for the upcoming weekend, so you can always call to see if we can accommodate you sooner.

All companies insuring balloons now require each passenger to sign a waiver of liability (pdf). Please read, sign and bring along a copy of this to give to your pilot prior to your flight.

We may be able to fly from your neighborhood. But if not, our most popular launch sites include:


Canandaigua: At Mercy Flight Central, 2420 Brickyard Road. Just off Route 332.


Conesus Lake: Minnehan's, Route 256 and 20-A, Lakeville (off Exit 9 on 390, south to Route 256)


Gananda: Amazing Maize Maze, Long Acre Farms, see the giant corn maze from the air

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for any occasion and are valid for one year. If after one year the ride has not been taken because of inclement weather and/or scheduling conflicts, the certificate may be extended at our discretion. All gift certificates must be purchased in advance, and may be transferred to someone else. To purchase one, send the name of the recipient, who the gift is from and the significant date along with a check (sorry, we don't accept credit cards, but payment can be made via Paypal.) We will send the certificate right out. If you would prefer it sent in a plain unmarked envelope, please state that.

Booking a Balloon Ride Online? Beware!
You may not get what you're expecting.

Visit this website for important information about so-called "National" Balloon Ride operations.